James Communications Corp

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            If you are a current Client and you need to add or change any aspect of your service, please call us at 1-661-288-2244 x 1
            and we will make certain it is set up and billed correctly!

            If you are having a service emergency, please call the Customer Service number on your provider invoice.

            Please rememeber to have your account number available.

            Many of the provider contact phone numbers can be found here:
                     1-800-600-5050              1-800-553-1989            1-877-375-4448                1-877-487-8722              1-877-499-2355
                         Windstream                   XO / Verizon                  CenturyLink                              TPx                                  AT&T

                     1-800-483-5000              1-805-225-4638            1-877-716-8255                1-888-389-2899              1-800-306-6993
                            Verizon                           GeoLinks            The Conference Group               AireSpring                     Towerstream

                     1-877-862-4662              1-877-548-3003            1-866-759-7483                1-888-898-8733               1-888-322-3822
                           Spectrum                             Jive                             Sky River                                8 x 8                               ShoreTel


                                                                                                     You can reach us at:  1-800-745-4170