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Founded in 1997, James Communications is a leading provider of Hosted Phone Systems, Data Services and SD Wan solutions. Having evolved thru the ever changing landscape of Enterprise Voice and Data Communications, we are uniquely positioned to guide you thru the process of taking your mission critical applications to the cloud. During the past 20 years we have helped thousands of clients Nationwide select the voice, data and cloud applications that allow them to opererate more securely, effectively and productively.
  Just a few of those Clients have included:
                                                   NFL Networks
                                                    Sony Pictures
                                                 Sony Electronics
                                        Hot Topic (750+ Locations)
                          United Fashions of Texas (95+ Locations)
                                The University of CA at San Franciso
                                          Kingworld Productions
                                    Annas Linens (316+ Locations)
                                      The National Trade Institute
                                           Dick Clark Productions
                                            Bob Hope Enterprises
                                           Budweiser of Louisiana